Get on board, Elon Musk!
Please Message me: I will send 50% Space Doge Coin
SELL COMMISSION BY PERIOD(100% dividend of all fees)
All BUY 10% Fee
10%BUY Fee
100% all Fee=USDT=dividend to holders
SELL within 100 days of first purchase
30%SELL fee
100% all Fee=USDT=dividend to holders
101-300 days (SELL) after first BUY
20%SELL fee
100% all Fee=USDT=dividend to holders
10%SELL fee
100% all Fee=USDT=dividend to holders
automatically paid rewardsYou don't need to claim anything. Our protocol distributes rewards automatically, so all you need to do to see the rewards is to add USDT tokens (BEP20) to your Metamask/Trust wallet to verify them.
USDT: 0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955
Generate at least 1,000,000,000 tokens and USDT in your wallet to receive rewards
Space Doge Coin is a non-existent USDT reflection distribution token.
As long as you hold Space Doge Coin tokens, a 10~30% tax (100%)
will be converted into USDT and distributed proportionally to all Space Doge Coin holders.
Until the day I land on the moon with Elon Musk"
100,000,000 SpaceDogeCoin Free air drop (Total Supply 15%)
BSC wallet address
Airdrops will be completed within 72 hours of confirming the mission..(If you lie, you will be caught.)
Contract Address 0xf54822A56640b2d44196Aa6F42FC6200f2175f30
Referral code generation (50,000,000 Coins per person)[Pay every 10 peopl]
Referral Code
Referral Code :[Referral Code]
(If you do not receive a referral payment, send an email)
2022 PLAN
We don't write fancy plans
I'll show you in action
Pre-sale All funds will be used for marketing.
Publish only realized roadmaps
Our destination is $1,000,000,000 moon landing.
1st round: 1 million airdrops & List 5 exchanges quickly
Website Launch
Staysafu KYC/Audit
PancakeSwap Listing
Poocoin listing
CoinMarketCap listing
CoinGecko listing listing listing listing listing listing listing listing listing listing listing listing listing listing listing
Meet the SpaceDoge team.
Timothy Robin
we areLead SpaceDogeCoin in terms of compliances, legal, partnership, Listing and blockchain development. we areWe will take you safely to the moon with trust, credibility, passion and best marketing.
SpaceDogeCoin initiator Professional Qualification Certificate

sns marketing
Level 1 Expert

Level 1 Expert

Big data
Level 1 Expert

Hacking Security
Level 1 Expert

Search Advertising
Level 1 Expert

Advertisement planning
Level 1 Expert

Smart IT Computer
Level 1 Expert

Level 1 Expert
If the credentlals are different I will be sentenced to 100 years in prison